About Us.

We build team management software that lets you focus on team culture.

The most successful athletics programs focus on culture above all else.

Communicate Effectively

Set Clear Expectations

Prepare Players Ahead of Practice

Most Importantly: They promote player's personal responsibility.

New coaches often fail to focus on culture.

March 3, 2018 was Eric’s first practice as a head coach. It was a chilly, windy day. The practice plan that Eric had drawn up focused on spreading the field and required way too much instruction. Fighting the wind, Eric shouted instruction as best as he could, but his team couldn’t hear him. It was a disaster of a first practice. Eric wasn’t communicating effectively, hadn’t set clear expectations, and his players definitely had not prepared been prepared ahead of practice.

There is a better way.

It didn’t take long for Ryan and Eric to start building a better solution. Starting with digital play designers for lacrosse (LacrosseLab.com) and basketball (Hoops-Lab.com), Labrador Sports has now expanded to offer a full suite of solutions to help coaches communicate, set clear expectations, and prepare their players ahead of time. All of this, to promote their player’s sense of personal responsibility.

The Founders

Eric Schell, CEO

Eric currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. He coaches U-13 Club Lacrosse, which has become the source of much of Labrador Sports’ inspiration. In college, Eric played at both the Division-I and Division-III levels. Professionally, Eric serves as a software product manager for a local company.

Ryan Gilbert, CTO

Ryan is a software engineer. He lives and breathes technology. He is passionate about effective and modern user interface design and implementation in software development. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing video game and live music.

Magnolia "Mags", The Lab

Magnolia serves the hardest role on the team, our mascot. Magnolia enjoys watching live lacrosse, hunting down ground balls and befriending other furry mascots.

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