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Basketball team management and playbook design software to help prepare your players.

Features: Everything you need to manage, teach, and motivate your team.

Icon of Team Playbook

Basketball Playbook

Spend less time reviewing plays in practice. Share your online playbook so that players can study before practice.


Play Designer -


Use our free basketball play designer to create your team’s online playbook. The play designer uses a drag and drop interface for intuitive play creation and a seamless animated playback. Add detailed comments to provide clarification to the reads and options of your plays. Your free personal playbook includes up to 10 plays or you can upgrade to our unlimited personal playbook for just $5/mo.

Coach Playbook

Encourage your players to stay connected to your game plan with a team playbook. Your basketball team playbook will allow you to share plays with your players so that they can come prepared to practice. As a coach, you can track which plays have been the most frequently viewed and which players are consistently studying your plays.

Icon of Team Messaging

Team Messaging

Simplify team communications using our message board and unlimited team email.

Team Messaging

Message Board

The Team Message Board is the home of all of your team communications. Make posts, send study and event reminders or let your team parents coordinate the team tailgate.

Team Email

Our team email function lets you get rid of managing separate contact lists. Store all of your player and parent emails in the team roster and use our email function to send messages to your team.

Icon of Team Schedule

Team Schedule

Track your practice and game schedule to keep your team engaged and organized.

Team Schedule

Create and Manage Game & Practice Events

The Schedule allows coaches and team administrators the ability to upload their game and practice schedules. Collect player RSVPs so that you know how to adjust your practice plans, manage your scouting reports and track player participation at the end of the season.

Basketball Practice Plan

Manage practice down to the minute. Hoops Lab allows you to design timed practice sessions. Use the practice planner to share plans with players and their parents ahead of time. Then, while practice is in session, the Hoops Lab app will share reminders when it is time to move to the next phase of practice.

Basketball Scouting Reports

Track opponent records, stats and opponent player tendencies. Assign match-ups, and share opponent play diagrams so that your team knows how to execute when it comes to game time. Lastly, monitor which players are spending the most time reviewing their scouting reports.

Icon of Roster and Depth Chart

Roster & Depth Chart

Keep your roster organized and be ready for game day with our roster management tools.


Contact List

Maintain a contact directory of which players have signed up and joined your team. Include their jersey number, position and email address for easy communication.

Depth Chart

The depth chart allows you to easily manage your starting rotations, and first substitutions. 

Talent Management

Track the progress and development of your players using our player rating system.

Talent Management

Player Ratings

Use our proprietary ratings system to track the growth and development of your players. Tailored scoring provides a normalized composite score based on position and player attributes to compare your players against one another. Use the player ratings to build complete improvement action plans so that your players can continue their development away from practice.

Flexible team packages to meet your needs.

Free for Personal Use Design plays for half court, full court and inbounds. Limit of 10 Plays.

Team accounts starting at $15/mo:


Basic team access to our best-in-class play designer and team messaging for private team sharing.


Our complete product suite – Team Playbook, Team Schedule, Messaging, Roster Management, and Practice Planning.


Use our complete product suite with extended coach licenses and unlimited player licenses.

Club discounts are available with a minimum of 5 teams.


It's easy to get started.

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