Designing and Developing a Basketball Playbook

Designing and developing a basketball playbook is a great tool to get your basketball team on the same page. Coaches for decades have brushed off their chalkboard to draw up their motion offenses, inbound plays, or their quick-hitters for a game winning shot. The technology is now here to make this experience even better. WhatContinue reading “Designing and Developing a Basketball Playbook”

How to Run a Successful Basketball Tryout

Basketball tryouts are always a tricky proposition. On one hand, you want to give every player a fair chance to make the team. On the other hand, you want to ensure that only the most talented and hardest-working players make the cut. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stack the oddsContinue reading “How to Run a Successful Basketball Tryout”

Make Basketball Practice Fun

As a coach, you want your team to be the best that it can be. But running a great practice isn’t always easy. Here are three tips to make your basketball practice more efficient. How do I run a great basketball practice?   The first step to having a great practice is being organized. BeforeContinue reading “Make Basketball Practice Fun”

Basketball Coaches: 4 Things to do this Preseason

Basketball season is quickly approaching. Now is the time to start planning your preseason work. Getting ahead of administrative tasks, your practice roadmap, developing your basketball playbook, and preseason player meetings will help ensure your team is ready to roll for Game 1! 1. Administrative Work It’s not fun, but it needs to be mentionedContinue reading “Basketball Coaches: 4 Things to do this Preseason”

Simplify your practice planning.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest feature: Practice Planning. This capability is immediately available to all of our Complete and Collegiate subscribers. This feature will help to simplify your practice planning! “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” The coach’s time is limited. This concept has been foundationalContinue reading “Simplify your practice planning.”

January 2021 Release Notes: The App is LIVE.

Save Time and Keep Your Team Accountable. Lacrosse Lab helps coaches run a more productive team. One where you spend less time standing around and more time practicing. With our play designer, team schedule, and roster management, coaches can offload many of the setup and administrative tasks to happen before practice so that their playersContinue reading “January 2021 Release Notes: The App is LIVE.”

Share Public Plays with Free Accounts (Original Post: February 2020)

Want to see a trick? We’re excited to announce that plays can now be shared and even embedded (like above) with your free Lacrosse Lab account. Sharing can be done by selecting the play options drop-down in “My Playbook.” Select SHARE PLAY and navigate to the PUBLIC tab. For now, you can share directly toContinue reading “Share Public Plays with Free Accounts (Original Post: February 2020)”

New Release: Team Schedule (Original Post: May 2019)

Over the last year, we’ve built out the most complete lacrosse play designer available on the internet. We’ve helped teams across the country roll out their new plays so that their players can come to practice to apply their skills and knowledge immediately, rather than standing around and dry-running new plays. We’ve accomplished this whileContinue reading “New Release: Team Schedule (Original Post: May 2019)”

Eight Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs (Original Post: January 2021)

This is not a traditional post, but we wanted to take some time to share some of our learnings. A lot of our customers are small business owners, so maybe this brief change-up will be useful. We’ve been working on this project for a few years and have grown quite a bit in that time.Continue reading “Eight Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs (Original Post: January 2021)”

Free Player Accounts Now Available (Original Post: July 2018)

Hey all, We have a pretty quick turnaround this week, but we want to announce some exciting news! We have made another major update to help you develop your players outside of practice. Free AccountsAnyone can now make a free Lacrosse Lab account. The free access will allow you to create a personal playbook. AsContinue reading “Free Player Accounts Now Available (Original Post: July 2018)”