Basketball Coaches: 4 Things to do this Preseason

Basketball season is quickly approaching. Now is the time to start planning your preseason work. Getting ahead of administrative tasks, your practice roadmap, developing your basketball playbook, and preseason player meetings will help ensure your team is ready to roll for Game 1!

1. Administrative Work

It’s not fun, but it needs to be mentioned first. Administrative work includes things like making sure your roster is up-to-date with accurate information (player names, jersey numbers, contact information, etc.), making sure all equipment needs are taken care of before camp starts (shoes, uniforms), making sure all paperwork is signed and documented. 

Even for non-school teams, it will go a long way to check-in on grades. Your players and their parents are putting a lot of faith in you as their coach. Help their sons and daughters develop into thriving members of society.

Finally, you don’t want to get stuck a month into your season to find out you’re in administrative trouble with your league.

2. Practice Plan – Practice Roadmap

Basketball season is a grind and we can’t expect our teams to be playing like seasoned veterans on day 1. Before your season even starts, your should have a practice roadmap in place. It should layout your team schedule – games, practices, scrimmages. On top of your schedule, identify the key skills and concepts to be mastered each week. 

Be realistic. Many of us love X’s and O’s, we can’t lose sight of skill development. This roadmap will help drive your day-to-day practice plans. Having a practice plan will help you keep your practices organized and focused on what needs to be accomplished.

3. Basketball Playbook

A playbook is a great way for players to learn the plays and terminology of your offense or defense without having to constantly have their coach explain it each time it changes. It also helps them visualize how they should be moving on offense or defense so they know exactly where they need to be when a specific play happens during game time situations as well as during practice time situations as well.

You can use our free basketball playbook software to get started developing your strategy this season: Hoops-Lab.com

4. Preseason Player Meetings

The preseason is the time to get your team ready for the season. You’ve recruited your players, you’ve gotten them in shape and you’ve worked on your strategy. Now it’s time for the most important part: making sure your players are on the same page with their goals for this season. During these meetings, make sure to emphasize what needs to be done in order for your team to succeed. If you want your team to win games, then tell them how they can do that. If you want them to improve their skills, tell them how they can do that too. And if they’re missing something, like being able to pass or shoot from long range, let them know so they can work on fixing it themselves before tryouts begin!


School is back in session and the air is getting a little cooler. That means basketball season is right around the corner. Now is the time to start getting your preseason affairs in order. 

Hoops-Lab.com can help you stay more organized this season. Our basketball playbook software will help your players visualize their role on the team before they even step foot on the court. Team management capabilities help you manage your roster and attendance, build practice plans and scouting reports.

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And for even more information on all of the tasks you should be considering this season, check out TeachHoops.com Roadmap. We are not affiliated, but we want to share this excellent resource.

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